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NOGOODSPLEASURE—magasinlansering og arrangementsprogram

Dato: 24.02.23
Tid: 11:00-00:00
Arrangør: NOGOODS

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On Saturday, February 24th, 2024 we warmly invite you to join us for a whole day of interdisciplinary PLEASURE and the launch of the magazine, bias (bodies in architectures and structures) Issue 2: PLEASURE at Bergen Assembly!

The day will include workshops, performances, readings, and a panel discussion with bias contributors Aimée Theriot-Ramos, Francesca De Marinis, Kha Villanueva, Lyn Diniz, Marie Cole, MYCKET, and Nina Erikkson.

Explore with us the dissident, political, and activist potential of pleasure through art, architecture, music, performance, law, and philosophy. Together we aim to look at PLEASURE as a tool and method of liberation, a way to challenge restrictive regulations and social norms.

PLEASURE put simply is that which feels good.
Pleasure can be seen as frivolous and related to ideas of excess or gluttony, against urgent calls for sustainability. Confined to the privacy of intimate and enclosed rooms, spaces of pleasure are often rendered invisible or pushed to the peripheries. Depending on the context, expressing certain kinds of desire and pleasure can be dangerous, stigmatized or policed.

How does pleasure shape and shift space? Which architecture is capable of holding pleasure? Can collective forms of pleasure support community building and sustainable political action? What do the dominant social attitudes towards pleasure tell us about constructions of gender, gender roles, and sexuality?

full program details on the Facebook event page)

> 11:00-14:00 - to your ears' content: explorations on erotic listening. Workshop with Aimée Theriot

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In this workshop, we will explore the practice of listening as a co-creative and world-buildin strategy. Erotic listening is a concept Aimée has been exploring in her practice and is deeplyinspired by the writings of Audre Lorde on the uses of the erotic as power. During this session, we will do a collective reading of Aimée's sonic meditation "to your ears' content which puts into practice this concept.

> 15:00–17:00 - Collective braiding workshop with Marie Cole : “is pleasure a privilege?”

In an overstimulated world and society, join me in a workshop that delves into the topic of pleasure and rituals. Unpack the question, "Is pleasure a privilege?" and explore how rituals can become sanctuaries for pleasure.

> 18:30 - bias (bodies in architecture and structures) Issue 2 - Launch

> 19:00 - PLEASURE - Discursive Collage on Pleasure with Francesca De Marinis (IT), MYCKET (SE), and readings by Nina Eriksson

> 20:30 - Sound Performance by Aimée Theriot

> 21:30 - That’s Not g0g0te0 - Performance
by Lyn Dyniz and Kha Villanueva, PORNOTOPIAcollective

> 22:00–00:00 - DJ + Closing Party

PLEASURE is supported by Bergen Kommune and Kulturrådet.

Image credit: Event banner by NOGOODS with photography by Farah Foude.

Halfdan Kjerulfs gate 4
5017 Bergen

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