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TA PLASS: Madihe Gharibi & Fotogalleiet

Dato: 05.10.2023
Tid: 18:00 - 21:00
Arrangør: Fotogalleriet

Performance by Madihe Gharibi
- “At The Door That Has No Knocker”

Claiming space Norway/Sápmi 23/24.
Bergen, 5th of October.

Location: Fløysletten 18:00–19:00 & Bergen Assembly 19:00–21:00

Meeting point will be by the Fløyenbanen at 17:45.
Fotogalleriet has 30 round-way tickets available for the audience that will be handed out upon attendance.


“Fire burns, but never gets burned. Fire purifies but never becomes impure. Fire is always fire, and stays fire as long as it’s burning. Fire has been with us from the primitive beginning of human life, and it always will be.”

– Madihe Gharibi

Madihe Gharibi (b. 1995, Tehran, Iran) is a playwright and artist based in Oslo, Norway. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Literature from the University of Tehran and has a Master in Fine Art from the University of Bergen. Gharibi worked as a playwright and theatre director in Iran. She was involved in numerous teaching projects aimed at training young professionals and teenagers in writing and theatre. Gharibi’s practice derives from time-based and live art. Her work can be experienced from a gallery to a theatre stage or conversations surrounding a movie. Storytelling is her mode of expression. Her practice is intertwined with her daily life, her anxieties, fears, and sorrows, as well as her ontological view of the social and political situations she experiences as an Iranian woman in Norway. It blurs the boundary between reality and fiction.

Claiming Space: Norway/Sápmi is a project exploring public space’s role in creating norms for social expectations and “sanctions” through four artists’ performative and temporary artistic contributions. The performances will occur in six cities in Norway/ Sápmi, accessible to broad audiences.The Fotogalleriet Foundation produces the program with curators Bassel Anis Hatoum, Miki Gebrelul, and coordinator Jennifer Garzon.

Claiming Space: Norway/Sápmi is made possible with funding from LOK (Lokalsamfunnsordingen) from KORO (Public Art Norway).


The Bergen Assembly office is fully accessible with gender neutral toilets.

Halfdan Kjerulfs gate 4
5017 Bergen

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